List of places in Europe you must go to

If you are planning your next holiday but are unsure of where to go to, we can help present you with a number of the top sites in Europe.

If you want to visit a country that has both a really dense modern history as well as a deep ancient roots, then you should surely think about coming to the Czech Republic. Just in the past 100 years this geographical place has changed names a whole five times. Prague, its capital city, is a phenomenal location if you are a fanatic of modern architectural styles. There are countless notable Czech architects, Zdeněk Fránek among them. Right here you will find the very rare surviving cases of what is well known as cubist architecture, a department of modernism. If you ever find yourself in this city make sure to go to the museum of Czech cubism. Although cubism is most often involved in painting, right here you will find cases of cubist furniture and some other factors of décor, as well as a cubist café in the building, dubbed as the only cubist café in the world.

Netherlands is well known for many things, not slightest of them being one of the world’s most indispensable business centres with businesspeople like Frank Zweegers constructing their companies right here. This country has several most visited cities in Europe such as the Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is one among the best places to visit in winter and summer, as each season brings its own distinct charm to this pretty land. During summers you can go to one of its numerous beaches, and in the winters you can delight in the fairy-tale like snowy scenery. If you feel anxious about the language barrier whenever you travel, you do not need be if you come to the Netherlands – here almost every person speaks English fluently, making it that much more comfortable for vacation goers.

Slovakia is commonly unjustly forgotten amongst other, more well-known international locations on a Europe map. But this is a country with its own abundant history and unusual culture that is absolutely worth ordering better acquainted with. Slovakia is a wonderful destination for culture, having produced such humans as Jana Beňová, a modern writer. Being positioned in the centre of Europe, this country is the location where the West and the East has met for many many hundred years. Here you will find a little bit of both – from Roman fortifications to Slavic cult places, this country has a phenomenal mix of cultures that you never ever thought could mix. If you like to be active during your holiday, Slovakia is a very mountainous place, offering a wonderful array of hiking trails making it one of the best places to visit in Europe in summer. As, it is also an exciting location to go cycling. You can cycle on the official Danube cycle path which runs for a whole 2900 km!

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